All Things Communications


Blogs act as an easy and accessible tool. Blogs exist for all kinds of people, places and things. Interested in a certain food, celebrity or historical event? There’s most likely a blog on it. Most of the time the blogs are free to create too– which makes them an even more valuable asset.

That’s why blogs serve as a great resource for the communications industry. Communications ¬†entails many things. At the core, the communications industry tells stories. We tell stories for companies, institutions and people. In the modern age, communications involves writing, editing, video production, social media, marketing and public relations. You have to be able to sell your story effectively over multiple outlets. The industry now requires strength in multimedia and technology. Job descriptions are overlapping one another in order to increase resources and time. The industry involves branding, managing reputations and organizing identities of companies.

It’s important to be one step ahead of your audience. In communications, you must anticipate their needs and respond to them efficiently. You serve your client first and produce a top-quality product. The world of communications remains vast and unconquered. Communicators continue to learn and collaborate everyday. I hope to share my findings with you as I finish my undergraduate degree and move into the corporate world.

New Blog for ADPR 5990


For my digital reputation management class, I’ll be blogging over the next few weeks. I’m excited to begin this project! Normally I keep my websites static, that way the information rarely goes out of date. Now I have an excuse to produce regular content. I’ll be posting as well as personalizing this site at the same time. All of my posts will be about communications and media. I plan to work as a marketing and communications specialist after graduation. What better way to channel my love than into a blog? Check back weekly for new updates and article links. Interested in contacting me? Email or tweet @mollykateberg.