French Girls App Review

Enjoy taking selfies? Or doodling in your free time? Then you may enjoy the French Girls app, a free app created in 2014.

Named after the famous line in the movie Titanic, French Girls promotes a community of artists of all levels. Users have two main options. They can take a selfie and wait for another person to draw it. They can also choose to draw someone by picking from a number of selfies.

The drawings range in quality, from the humorous interpretations (see below) to premium drawings, where top-rated artists draw users for $9.99.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.16.46 AM

If users don’t want to spend the $10, they can also opt for the selfie boost, a 99 cent feature where people can put their selfie at the top of the line. However, users may find that the premium drawings are well worth the money. Premium drawings (see below) are typically the highest ranked on the app and show the time and effort that the artist put in.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.21.20 AM

I spent the $9.99 and got back an excellent drawing of me incorporated into Back to the Future. Most professional artists would have charged well over $9.99. The premium drawings are really a great deal and a way to financially support the app.

While the app makes for a fun and creative pastime, beware of mean-spirited users on it. Some people will draw selfies of others giving them exaggerated, unattractive features or even write on them mocking text. The best thing is to ignore those users, since they are the minority. Like any online community, there are a few cruel users. To really enjoy French Girls, pay no attention to them.

Another tip for users would to be patient while waiting for a drawing. People post selfies every minute, meaning artists have a wide selection to pick from. In order to get a selfie drawn, give it time. Also consider posting multiple selfies for others to pick. The best part of the app is the surprise. Users never know when a sketch could become a masterpiece.

January 2015 Social Media Recap

social media cloud

Image via

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Social media to be banned for state employees in S.C. while working via Charlotte Observer

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December 2014 Social Media Roundup


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High schoolers wise up about social media when applying to colleges via CBS News

Tennessee town bans negative comments on social media via The Tennessean

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November 2014 Social Media Roundup


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Facebook finally put its privacy policy in plain English via Mashable

In Social-Media Era, When is Free Speech Illegal? via Washington Post

Top 25 Restaurants on Social Media via Forbes

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Autumn on Pinterest

I’m a sucker for October. It’s my favorite month of the year. It’s the time of ghouls, ghosts and pumpkin patches. The rest of the Internet community gives October a lot of love too. Fall seems to be the prime time to celebrate a season.

Sometimes the best place to turn to is Pinterest, where users post creative recipes, decor ideas and Halloween costumes. Since this has been a crazy month for me, I’ve decided to curate some Pinterest content. Below you’ll see a few of my top fall-themed pins. Hopefully they’ll inspire you as they did me. Have cool pins of your own? Share them in the comments below!

Easy Halloween Treats


Gourd Votive Holders


15 DIY Halloween Garlands


6 Inexpensive Ways To Transition Home Decor


Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins


October 2014 Social Media Roundup


Logo for Ello, the anti-Facebook, pictured above.

It’s time once again for the social media roundup. This month I’m particularly interested in Ello, the anti-Facebook social media competitor. I’m still on the waiting list for Ello since it’s invite only. Once I’m on, I plan to write a review for the blog.  Below are some of the other articles I’ve found intriguing as of late. By sharing, I’m not endorsing the ideas behind some articles. It’s important to roundup what’s being said about social media and PR. Any questions or thoughts on the stories? Share them in the comments!

Ello- and goodbye to the new Facebook? via The Guardian

18 Twitter Short Stories That Prove Tweets Can Be Literary Too via Mashable

Is Reddit’s Decision to Kill Off Remote Workers a Good Idea? via Social Media Today

Five social media skills millenials don’t have via Sydney Morning Herald

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Social media and the Hong Kong protests via The New Yorker

September 2014 Social Media Roundup


It’s only a few days into September. There’s still plenty of recent social media news to share. Browse the articles below to see the hottest topics in social media. Key topics include the ISIS social media manager, Joan River’s death and Twitter’s filtered feeds.

Twitter May Be Moving Closer To Filtered Feeds — But Don’t Freak Out Yet via Mashable

Elgin cop on leave over posting about Ferguson via Chicago Tribune

11 Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following On Twitter via Social Media Today

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