Fall 2014 PR Conferences


Conferences are crucial for PR and communications professionals. They allow us to network and learn alongside other leaders in the industry. Below are just a few of the upcoming PR conferences for 2014. I encourage you to attend if you can!


-PR Writing Summit, 8/7. Held in Chicago, this summits allows attendees to improve PR copy and begin writing engaging content for their audiences! Conference is presented by PRSA and Ragan’s PR Daily.

-Social Media Summit, 8/12. Held in San Francisco, the Social Media Summit offers opportunities to learn from successful brands and communicators. Attendees will learn social strategies and tactics that are invaluable to communicators.


-International Conference, 10/12-14. Held in Washington D.C., the conference focuses on ROI. Communicators can gain practical insight into the value of their work. Professionals can also network with PR professionals of all backgrounds.


-Advanced School of Marketing Research, 11/3-7. Based in Atlanta, this conference offers insight into professional firms who are using advanced and innovative marketing techniques. This week-long experience allows attendees to learn from the experts.



Monday Reminders For Communicators


Happy Monday, readers! It’s time to return to the office and get back to work. For communication professionals, that means pitching to media, writing press releases and monitoring social media.  An engaging new week starts here!

Typically communicators stay busy all the time. In fact, most of them thrive on a full work load. Before diving into this week, PR pros and communicators should take these thoughts into mind. They’ll help PR worker bees tackle the week positively.

  • Go ahead and get that fancy cup of coffee. Treat yourself before heading into work. Be nice to yourself and start this week with a caffeine kick.
  • Whatever’s stressing you out, it’s not the end of the world. This week will come and go, just like last week.
  • Turn on some music. Plug in your headphones and listen to Pandora radio. Find your pump-up station and get ready for work!
  • Prioritize your workload. If you feel like you have too much work, determine what needs to get done first. Make a list and work downwards. Some things can wait.
  • Work towards a goal. Don’t have weekend plans? Dream up a new adventure. Your adventure will motivate you to work hard this week.

Making The Most Of Twitter Chats


Twitter chats have become increasingly popular over the last few years. I used to see them occasionally on my feed. Now I see them every night! Their growth makes sense though. Twitter chats create great opportunities to discuss emerging trends, important news and thoughtful questions. Some chats are more light-hearted and fun (#millenialtalk), while others reveal hidden truths (#YesAllWomen). If you’re an active Twitter user, I highly recommend jumping in on a Twitter chat. They’re a way to network with other engaging users. All kinds of Twitter chats exist. The key is finding a relevant one to your interests! Below I list some Twitter chat benefits.

  • Engaging with peers one-on-one
  • Opportunity to be a thought leader
  • Regular time to check in with others
  • Easy way to summarize your thoughts
  • Networking advantage by tweeting with others
  • Increased authority on your area of expertise
  • Fresh content if you don’t have regular time for Twitter
  • Fun way to express your thoughts to a large group

July Social Media Roundup


It’s time for a social media roundup! Read these articles to find up-to-date information on the digital world.
Facebook Pushes Video Content With New Recommendations Feature via Mashable

Nurse Firing Highlights Hazards of Social Media in Hospitals via ABC News

Brazil 2014: World Cup where politics and social media invaded the pitch via The Guardian

How social media can help your next meeting via Nashville Biz Blog

Is This Thing On? Why Social Media Keeps Taking Down Media Celebs via TIME

Why Your Email Open Rates May Be Slacking via Social Media Today

How to Target Ads on Twitter and LinkedIn via Social Media Examiner

Still More Data Shows Pinterest Passing Twitter in Popularity via Forbes

New Gallup Poll: Is Social Marketing Important?


Image via Gallup Inc.

Is social media super influential? In a new study, Gallup Inc. argues that consumers are not as influenced Facebook and Twitter as you might think. The study reveals that social media, contrary to corporate belief, is not a game changer. People don’t use social media to influence their purchasing decisions. Instead people are tuning out the company posts they see on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of seeking followers or likes, companies should be authentic, responsive and compelling in their social conversations with customers. While there isn’t a defined measure of success, popular companies tend to actively engage with customers on social media.

I agree and disagree with certain findings in Gallup’s new study. It’s true that many turn to social networking sites for interaction with family and friends. Most users have their posts and likes go towards people they know. Because of this,  skillful companies establish relationships with their customers. A quality over quantity mindset serves companies best. However, I disagree with the idea that social media doesn’t influence decision making. In many ways, it’s a big influence on your relationship with brands. If you see your friend snagging a deal or attending an event through Facebook, aren’t you interested too? I’ve found a few stores and bargains on social media that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. I also am impressed by the way a number of brands engage with their followers on social media.

What do you think about brands and social media engagement? A dying venture or an important part of company outreach?

Facebook Down


Did you notice Facebook’s massive outage? The social networking giant went down earlier this morning. For about 30 minutes, users were unable to access the website and mobile application. After thousands of error reports were filed and Twitter complaints were lodged, Facebook brought the site back up. Some estimate that the outage will cost Facebook half a million dollars.

Facebook did not disclose what issue caused the outage. This event marks their biggest outage since last October, when Facebook was down for four hours due to maintenance. Is this brief outage a big deal? Or just another inevitability of social media?

Content Marketing: The Secret To Social Media Success


If you want to grow your online presence, you’re going to need content. Followers, fans and friends on social media sites look to thought leaders for new ideas and stories. The leaders who generate thoughtful discussion are often the most successful in the digital world.

In a great new article on Forbes, writer Bruce Kasanoff reveals the power of content marketing. It’s a simple but truthful answer to social media success. If you want fans, you’re going to have to write for them. Anyone can retweet a popular article. The trick is to first write the article that fans will want to share.

Kasanoff suggests getting ultra specific on a topic you know well. Let’s say you run a blog on easy-to-make recipes. Why not write on a certain type of food, like Thai or vegetarian? The more specific your blog is, the more important it will be to your followers. (It will also be harder to replicate!)

Kasanoff also recommends that social media users interact closely with their audience, instead of looking to just increase their numbers. By showing a genuine interest in their fan base, social media users will strengthen relationships. Over time, more followers will flock because of the thought leader’s interest in fans.

Some sites find success with content curation, like the listicle giant Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed takes images and quotes from other sites to create easily digestible articles. However, Buzzfeed is an exception. Most people tend to thrive when they create their own content, not just curate it. If you really want to be a thought leader, you’ll share your own thoughts with your followers.

What are your thoughts? Is content curation or content marketing better for social media success?


May Social Media Roundup

Interested in what’s going on in the social media world? I’ve assembled a list of interesting articles from this past week. 

-Police Monitor Social Media For Hidden Cash Crowds via NBC 4 Southern California

-Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing via The New York Times

-Twitter’s Growth Will Continue To Slow, Says New Forecast via Forbes

-Should Cops Rummage Through Social Media Accounts To Assess Mental Stability via NBC News

-Hackers in Iran use social media to target senior U.S., Israeli officials via CNN 

-A Kimye Wedding Photo Is Now The Most-Liked Photo On Instagram via Mashable

Have You Heard About Influenster?

While I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon Influenster. I found they gave out Vox Boxes, full of free goodies to a select number of users. I checked out the website and found that Influenster encourages trendsetters and social media gurus to join.

Influenster’s set-up is simple. Once you sign up for Influenster, you connect your social media accounts and blogs. You’ll find out your score after connecting your accounts. Then you can begin earning badges by answering quizzes and surveys about your favorite brands. Essentially, Influenster is like Klout and Birchbox combined.

Perks include VoxBoxes which are mailed to you with complimentary products. I encourage interested readers to join Influenster also! If you’re an active consumer and want to write reviews, Influenster is worth your time.

Trip Abroad: To Ireland We Go

Spring break has arrived! UGA students normally have spring break the second full week of March. In the past, I’ve spent my time taking a breather from my regular duties and catching up on much-needed rest. This year I’m happy to share that I’ll be traveling to Ireland in a few hours! I’ll be there through Friday soaking up cultures, castles and countryside.

Traveling has been a passion of mine for years. I hail from Atlanta and love it here. I’ve always loved exploring places unfamiliar to me. In the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to go on several great trips. In fact, I have a list of places I hope to go in my lifetime. Tomorrow I check off one country on my list when I depart for Dublin. From there I’ll go to Kilkenny, then Galway and finally back to Dublin. I’ll be missing St. Patrick’s Day by three days, but I’m sure there will still be celebration the week before. I can’t wait to share my travel stories on the blog when I return! Follow me on Instagram for photo updates!map(General travel itinerary for the trip abroad).