Monday Reminders For Communicators


Happy Monday, readers! It’s time to return to the office and get back to work. For communication professionals, that means pitching to media, writing press releases and monitoring social media.  An engaging new week starts here!

Typically communicators stay busy all the time. In fact, most of them thrive on a full work load. Before diving into this week, PR pros and communicators should take these thoughts into mind. They’ll help PR worker bees tackle the week positively.

  • Go ahead and get that fancy cup of coffee. Treat yourself before heading into work. Be nice to yourself and start this week with a caffeine kick.
  • Whatever’s stressing you out, it’s not the end of the world. This week will come and go, just like last week.
  • Turn on some music. Plug in your headphones and listen to Pandora radio. Find your pump-up station and get ready for work!
  • Prioritize your workload. If you feel like you have too much work, determine what needs to get done first. Make a list and work downwards. Some things can wait.
  • Work towards a goal. Don’t have weekend plans? Dream up a new adventure. Your adventure will motivate you to work hard this week.

Thoughts On #GirlBoss


I didn’t know much about Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, before picking up #GirlBoss. After reading her memoir/advice book, I’ve developed a high level of respect for her. It also helps that she’s super likable!

As a bit of background, Amoruso is a self-made millionaire and owner of Nasty Gal vintage clothing.  She found success through an unusual route and shares her journey candidly. Amoruso didn’t go down the straight and narrow path of other business owners. Because of her rebellious spirit, she skipped college and worked a number of odd jobs.

While working as an ID checker, she began selling clothes online. She’d buy designer clothes from thrift stores and mark up the prices on her eBay account. She also made a MySpace to promote her little shop. Through MySpace she connected with fans and brought hundreds of women to her online store weekly.  Her business soon began expanding, eventually growing to its own company based out of Los Angeles.

Amoruso openly shares her shortcomings and strengths in the book. She includes simple advice and personal chapters, broken up by photos and drawings that relate to her journey. She bent a few rules to grow her company, but she no doubt worked hard in the process. Now at 30 years old, she runs a successful company by herself.

While not quite the same as Facebook COO’s Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, the book offers a similar message. It promotes female empowerment in the workforce, letting girls know that they can be successful if they work hard. Sure, #GirlBoss isn’t as formal as Lean In, but it’s still a great read. It appeals to younger women, especially as they’re starting out in their jobs. #GirlBoss isn’t a formula for professional success, but it does offer invaluable encouragement to readers. With working women on the rise, who can say no to this inspiring read?

Pink & Black Magazine Twitter Chat

Hi readers! If you love Twitter chats, I have a fun opportunity for you. Lately I’ve been assisting Pink & Black Magazine’s Twitter. I write, retweet and promote on Pink & Black’s official account.

For those that aren’t familiar with the publication, Pink & Black is a digital lifestyle magazine geared towards women ages 18-25. The magazine’s upbeat and positive, offering women career advice and fun entertainment options. The magazine used to host regular Twitter chats to discuss the theme for each month. However it took a hiatus a few months ago.

I’m pleased to say that the chat will return this Thursday! This month P&B focuses on the theme of health. Tomorrow night we will cover diet and nutrition as it relates to young twenty-somethings. Any readers are encouraged to participate. As an added bonus, the best tweets will be featured on the site on Friday.

Tune in Thursday 7/17 at 8 p.m. EST for #PABgirltalk. Just look up the hashtag and join in the fun! I’ll be curating the discussion from @PinkandBlackMag. See you online!


Basics Of SEO


SEO, also known as search engine optimization, has been a hot topic for years. Is it essential or a thing of the past? While users debate the importance of SEO, it continues to be used daily.

What does SEO do? It creates a more user-friendly experience. Users work with search engines to better optimize their placement for relevant searches. Let’s say you have a website for a small business. You want to get your name out there, especially when anyone searches your industry online. SEO allows you to promote your website through strategic URLs, links and keywords. The more links and content you connect with your website, the better your placement in searches!

These three tips will help you get started on your SEO!

  • Pick a simple and clean URL. Don’t make an intricate URL for your website. It will only be harder for customers to get to! Instead, make it as easy as possible to visit. Great examples include and
  • Brand your business name. Keep one site name that you use online. Make it the header of every page of your website. If your business is named something like “Clothing Cart”, buy a domain name called Also use “Clothing Cart” as the usernames of any related social media accounts.
  • Create regular content. If your website consistently produces content, you will receive more site traffic. Make your content fresh and exciting. It will bring an audience to your site, optimizing your position in search results!

Interested in SEO? There’s plenty to know! To learn more, read the Free Beginner’s Guide To SEO.

Beat Your Monday

It’s Monday again. That means the weekend is officially over. Bummer, right?  That’s why I always turn to Monday motivation to get the week going. Check out these quotes and photos to make your week a little brighter!


if-can-dream-it-you-can-do-it motivation



July Social Media Roundup


It’s time for a social media roundup! Read these articles to find up-to-date information on the digital world.
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Five Ways To Power Through Your Monday


Mondays are normally the hardest day of the week. After some time off, you reset your work week again and start all over. If you’re lucky, your Monday will keep you busy and make the time fly. Unfortunately for most, Mondays seem to drag on ad infinitum. Read below for five ways to power through your Monday and start your week successfully.

  1. Make a to-do list. Go ahead and map out what your week will be like. Any big projects or social events ahead? Take note and make sure you have a game plan for the next few days. Anticipating the week will help you tackle it head on.
  2. Treat yourself. Have your eye on a new piece of clothing or an extra cup of coffee? Go ahead and get it. The nicest you are to yourself, the easier your Monday will be. Of course, exercise self control when indulging in a treat. If you give yourself something extra, Mondays will be sweeter.
  3. Hit the gym. At the beginning of the week, you’ll need that new surge of energy. Get it by going to the gym bright and early. Spend 30 to 60 minutes running or swimming. It’ll boost your endorphins and have you enjoying your Monday mornings.
  4. Be optimistic. Your attitude can determine the course of your day. See the week’s potential for opportunity and brainstorm ways to make it unique. Itching to try a new restaurant or go on a weekend hike? Take the initiative and plan your trip!
  5. Put Monday into context. Since your Monday will be one of many, there’s nothing to fear. Ease yourself into the day. If you rush into your work, odds are that the rest of your week will be stressful. Pace yourself as you make your to-do list!

Yerdle Review


Millenials enjoy sharing things. Whether they share photos, information or personal items, millenials like the idea of collaboration. A new mobile application called Yerdle taps into this idea of widespread sharing with their online marketplace.

Founded in 2012, Yerdle’s set up is simple. Users buy and sell things with the credits on their account. Users get credits by selling their goods online. For example, if I decide to sell an old dress of mine for 100 credits, and someone else buys it, I can use that 100 credits to get something else. The only money I have to fork forward is for shipping, which is normally $2 to $4.

Yerdle users also get free 250 credits by joining. That means you can sign up and immediately get a few goods- depending on what you spring for. I only joined this month but so far I’ve sold over 10 items and have picked up about five. Yerdle is perfect for giving away things you planned on throwing out or taking to Goodwill. You’ll send each item to a loving home. In return, you’ll be able to use your Yerdle credits for a new French press, CD or set of tea cups. The deals change daily so you can keep exploring for some good finds. Join Yerdle today for some reused treasures!

Facebook Reveals New Features


It’s a big month for Facebook. They’ve received both positive and negative press as more information has come to light.

Customized Ads:

On the bright side, users now have more control over their ads. In their internal ad profiles, users will be able to add and delete their interests. This includes what kind of goods they’d be interesting in buying, like clothes or electronics. Users will finally be able to decide which ads are targeted on their feed.

Passive Listening:

On the controversial side, Facebook revealed an opt-in feature where their mobile application can passively listen into your music. That means that, if you choose, Facebook will know when you’re listening to specific artists and songs. Facebook can then post it as your status that you’re listening to say, Counting Stars by OneRepublic. Many users have reacted negatively to this feature, even going as far as to start an online petition. This petition, on Sum of Us, calls for Facebook to “Respect our privacy and do not release your new app feature that listens to users’ conversations.” However, it seems that most are unaware of this new feature.

Both of these new features continue to polarize Facebook users and marketers. In many ways, Facebook is a necessary but tiresome marketing tool. What do you think? Is Facebook’s passive listening feature acceptable?

Townie Travels


Like thrifting and flea markets? You’re in luck! On Townie Travels, Athens’ all-things-local blog, I review the J & J Flea Market. It’s Georgia’s largest flea market and one of the best places to get fresh fruit and antiques. Click here to read!