January 2015 Social Media Recap

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POUCH Review


Photo via POUCH’s Facebook

I mostly use this blog for writing and PR posts, hence the title “All Things Communications.” Sometimes I deviate from that to write about Athens and its local businesses. I’ve been a resident of Athens since 2010 and I try to buy local when I can. This post focuses on Pouch, a new bar and international restaurant, that opened in Athens this month.

Located at 151 E. Broad Street, Pouch brings a unique establishment to town. POUCH serves all kinds of pies, though they’re not the bakery-style apple or cherry pies some may be used to. Instead these pies are savory and themed.

Feeling love for America? Try the Pastriot, which includes beef, cheese, pickle relish and ketchup baked into a little pie.

Want to travel a bit further? Order the Pietanic, a Russian concoction that has wild salmon, mushrooms, rice, dill, egg and lemon.

Or maybe you want something spicy? In that case, get the Hot Chick, a Portuguese spicy chicken and sausage pie with piri piri and white wine.

The best part about the three pies? They’re only $5.50 each. All of the pies, which are geographically themed, are fixed at the same price. POUCH serves the pies fast, so you’ll have time to try another while you’re there.

Another feature of POUCH is the full bar, which serves mixed drinks and draft beer. They have recommendations based off the pie you chose. Other POUCH features include a dessert menu, cozy wooden tables and a large TV in the back.

POUCH is open Monday through Wednesday 11 a.m.-11 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday 11 a.m.-2 a.m.

Interested in checking out POUCH? The menu (from their Facebook page) is below.



Press Release Templates


Image via writerswin.com

Press releases are one of the staples of being in public relations. Many practitioners write releases on a regular basis. Before entering the industry, it’s important to know AP Style and how press releases are normally constructed.

In general, press releases include information about an important event, program or opportunity presented by the client. Press releases have to include the most relevant information, that way both consumers and journalists can understand the news by quickly reading. At a minimum, practitioners should include the who, what, when, where and why, a boilerplate and contact information.

I’ve gathered a few press release templates from across the Internet. Some are written for small businesses, while others offer suggestions for information to include. Each release is different, though these templates may help provide the framework needed for young practitioners.

Hubspot press release template

Microsoft Word press releases

Templatepressrelease.com (templates downloadable from page)

PR Syndication press release

Small Business PR press release

Buckle Down for Learning


A new semester has begun. I’m already into a week’s worth of spring schoolwork. Based off initial impressions, this semester will be more difficult than last. For one, I’m taking an additional class. I’m also taking a graduate statistics course that counts as a cognate. But with everything on my plate, I think I should manage. Last August, my classwork was overwhelming at first but eventually I settled.

I’m still in the settling phase, but I’m starting my assignments for each class. I’ve already started a project and completed a paper and a lab. I’ve also read chapters for most of the classes. I’m not complaining though. If anything, I’m thankful that I have classes and work to keep me busy. I prefer being productive over idle. It’s a bonus that I’ll learn at the same time.

This semester I’ll be taking:

  • Graphic Communications. In this course we’ll be learning the basics of design software. We’ll also have a few design projects of our own, which I’ll most likely share on this blog.
  • Applied Statistics. This is an important class in terms of graduate education and research. I usually struggle with math, so I hope I’ll make a few breakthroughs this spring.
  • Public Opinion. This is a course taught through the journalism school at UGA each year. A number of journalism, advertising and public relations students take it since the topic has to do with their future careers.
  • PR Topics. This topics class specifically focuses on health communication. We’ll be looking at real world examples and creating health PR campaigns of our own.

Happy New Year!


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It’s a brand new year, folks. December 2014 did a number on me. I wrapped up my first semester of grad school, made gifts on a shoestring budget and caught a severe case of the flu. This only gave me more reason to put down blogging for a bit. I’ve come back with some gusto though. I’m ready to post on a (somewhat) regular basis with writing stories, thrifting ideas and PR tips.

I’m not a huge resolutions person. I make goals for each year, but I try to be realistic about them. Instead of losing weight, I try to lead a healthier lifestyle. Instead of simply saving money, I try to budget better and spend less on things like coffee trips or restaurant outings.

So for this year, my main goal is to try and slow down. I often work hard and burn out fast. I need to be better about pacing myself, especially since I’ve got plenty of years of work ahead. For 2015, I want to take things as they come. I want to naturally enjoy what happens in this new year. Details of this adventure to come.


December 2014 Social Media Roundup


Image via projectsocialize.com

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Sourcing Feedback from Social Media via Washington Post blog


One and Done


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve neglected my blog. And for good reason too. I hit the period of final exams for my first semester of graduate school. These last few weeks have been some of the most intense that I’ve experienced.

And to risk sounding cheesy, I believe I’ve learned a number of things. These are both about the specific program I’m in and about myself.

1. I’ve re-affirmed why I’m in graduate school. I want to get my master’s degree so I can one day be in a management position in the PR and communications industry. As fun as school is, I’m on a professional track and will end classes when I graduate.

2. I have to get things done early (when I can). My stress tends to accumulate over time. I’m much happier when I complete assignments earlier. It’s difficult and sometimes impossible, but I prefer to complete tasks early.

3. I need to relax a bit more. I’ve been so tense the first semester because I’m still getting settled in the program. Next semester I’d really like to get out more and go to cultural events in the school and community. I want to be more engaged with what’s going on around me.

4. I have to budget more effectively. At times, my checking account has dwindled to a dangerously low level. I need to prioritize my spending so I can have more financial cushion.

5. I’m still not a statistician. I like to pretend that I can do in-depth research, but I don’t have the skills (at least not yet) to run real analyses. I’ll be in a stats class next semester, so hopefully I can improve my skills a little more.

There are plenty more lessons, but these five stand out the most. Even though school has been crazy, I’ve still managed to work on a few creative projects, like a short book and a feature length script. It’s challenging without a doubt, but grad school hasn’t gotten the best of me yet.